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Note -- please subscribe to the Premium Content -- there is no fee -- to gain access to the Powerpoint files, Editorial and Video Files from this conference.

A Call for Network Stakeholders

"Network Decom is no longer a secondary activity for telecoms. Given the vast legacy networks that are deployed and being upgraded, network decommissioning has become a mission critical activity. The reality of today’s fiercely competitive market is that no carrier can afford to have older generations of under-utilized equipment hanging around. In fact, the cost to maintain the legacy equipment itself is only a portion of its on-going cost. For there are enormous indirect costs buried in wireless site leases, off-net facilities, and precious transport or access networks just to keep the older equipment on life support......continued."

  • Program Highlights:

    • Reverse Logistics & Equipment Disposal
      Approach the reverse logistics phase with a concerted effort in order to increase the value of recycled materials can lower their cost of decommissioning significantly.....

    • Planning and Program Management
      A critical aspect of network decom. Tips and tools to outline a comprehensive plan....
    • Equipment Resale
      What is the actual market for used network equipment? And what are steps you can take to succeed at recycling or reselling your legacy network equipment on the secondary market?
    • Tax Benefits in Decom
      Since most legacy equipment under decom is being upgraded and replaced with new generations of equipment, there are often significant tax savings opportunities that operators can take advantage of, particularly a the State level....
    • Network Inventory Validation
      A detailed discovery and verification of network facilities is required prior to a network decom. If not done right, customers could be adversely affected and not only damage an operator’s reputation, but cause key customers should defect.....
    • Site Lease Termination and Renegotiation What initiatives you can take to speed up lease negotiations, reduce time to make decisions, and create confidence that there is a real plan of actionable steps to be taken with each landlord.....
    • Network Migration
      Understand how to plan a thorough program for network and customer migration to the next gen technology, and how to maintain customer support and satisfaction throughout the entire process....
    • Decom Partner Selection
      Close coordination is required between the inventory piece, maintaining customer satisfaction, the site visits, the lease negotiations, renegotiations, or termination and ultimately the disposition and disposal of the assets. Learn to effectively partner with the experts who will manage either all or specific pieces of the decom program....
    • Network Life Cycle Management Decommissioning is merely one phase of a life cycle of network activities from capacity, purchasing, and deployment planning . . . to operation / maintenance and ultimate retirement of the network. This event puts decommissioning in context to an operator’s network strategy...

    Featured Speakers:

    Pat Lien
    Director, Sales Marketing and Strategy, Public Networks
    Black & Veatch
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    Ron Angner
    Sn Vice President & Principal, TMNG Global 
    View Bio

    Akil Fisher
    Vice President, Advanced Technology Group
    InCode Consulting (Ericsson) 

    View Bio

    Dan Hays
    US Advisory Lead,

    View Bio

    Patrick Shutt
    Vice President, Bus Dev.
    TMNG Global

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    Bob Atkins

    Robert Atkins
    Vice President, Bus Dev.
    PICS Telecom

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    Information Resources:

    In March and April of 2012, PwC conducted a global study of the outlook for the decommissioning of telecommunications networks. 
    The survey found, in part, that nearly 90% of wireline operators and over 60% of wireless operators surveyed indicated that they intend to decommission legacy networks during the next five years.
    Executive Interview: "Migration Success or Migration Headache: Why Upfront Planning is Key to Network Decommissioning Projects"

    Conference Program Director Dan Baker interviews Ron Angner, Senior Vice President and Principal of TMNG Global about the planning process for a network decommissioning project.


    "The legacy equipment being removed from telco networks annually was worth over $22B when originally purchased, and another $15B is sitting, taking up space with the value melting away. And the tragedy of it, for both the companies and their shareholders, is that these materials could be converted to cash and used in someone's budget."
    –- Lee Kestler, Analyst US Telecom Infrastructure, Current Analysis
    "Network decommissioning represents a great challenge for telecom service providers worldwide. Strong planning and execution, including accounting for potential offsets to costs, will be critical for success."
    –- Dan Hays, US Wireless Advisory Lead, PwC


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